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The Implementation Handbook is the user’s manual and step-by-step guide to the Louisiana Land Use Toolkit. The Handbook serves as the instruction manual for converting the Toolkit into a customized zoning code, subdivision code or development code that meets the specific needs of your community. The Handbook identifies what you need to get started and provides an idea of what to expect as you move through the process. The Handbook is the starting point and should be consulted before beginning the implementation process.

Click on the steps below to learn more about each phase of implementing the Land Use Toolkit. 

There is no easy answer on the best approach to adopting the Toolkit. Adopting new land use and development regulations can be difficult. It takes a concerted effort to ensure that everybody who is interested has the opportunity to voice their opinion and that people fully understand the Toolkit.

Step 1: Hold Community Meetings
Getting the Toolkit adopted is like running a political campaign. This means reaching out to as many people as possible, including neighborhood groups, media outlets, business owners, land owners, homeowners, state and local agencies and environmental interest groups. Learn more about public outreach.

Step 2: Adopt the Toolkit
State law requires new zoning or subdivision regulations go through a public hearing process prior to adoption. Ultimately your parish or municipal attorney should be consulted to ensure that you are following state law in adopting the Toolkit. Learn more about adopting the Toolkit.

Step 3: Manage the Toolkit
Getting the Toolkit adopted is just the beginning. While the Toolkit is intuitive to use, there is a learning curve associated with administering it. Every effort should be made to include local staff in the implementation process. Learn more about managing the Toolkit after adoption.